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Genius' aren't born everyday, but they are born. Their existence is proof that geniuousness is attainable - on different levels, of course. 


We are shaping future filmmaking genius.'​ 


Perceptual Teen Film Troupe is a full scale film production company that focuses on in-house productions from conception to scriptwriting, producing, casting, and editing to a finished film product. 


Day 1. What's your role? Just like it takes a village to raise a child - it takes a film production crew to raise one film.


Our teen members will role identify on Day 1. Every role is important.  While actors get all of the visual glory, we all know that if it weren't for the creative writers or the skillful editors or the crew that held lights, who worked grip, or the producers who secured the locations, or the editors who put in countless hours to piece it all together or those who did the marketing, distributing and administrative work -- there would be no film for the actor to star in. Right? Absolutely. 


We instill film education and yield professional hands-on-training.


Get the credit you deserve. Get reel. Be a Perceptual. Conquer opportunity and email us today!