5-4-3-2-1, ACTION!


Interested in Joining the Crew?

Are you a teenager between the ages of 13-18 whose been told you should have your own show, or perhaps you've already staked your broadcasting claim on YouTube and your feedback has confirmed that your production skill is good? You're in the right place!


Disney and Nickelodeon aren't the only ones who have the capacity to create winning adolescent film  and television programming. Perceptual Teens will defy distance as they reach out via the filming arts to create content that will be mindful, attentive, comforting and informative to their peers. 


Our main focus is geared towards instilling personal integrity, film study, crew importance and editing education along with hands-on-training, professional production scheduling, shoots, and a finished film product yeilding film credit to every member involved. And while we have no limits on creativity we are keenly drawn to sketch-comedy, documentaries and feature films.


Next Season Auditions will be held:

November 2020 and January 2021


Be a part of something REEL, gain exposure and film credit you deserve. JOIN Perceptual Teen Film Troupe.  Email us to schedule an audition.