About that FILM LIFE


You can't be about that life, if you don't have a film studio or location set to shoot it on. Perceptual Teen Film Troupe is About that FILM LIFE. 


Production meetings and shoots will largely be held at GangPlank in downtown Chandler. Because Chandler has so many highlighted beautification areas in its city and the weather is gorgeous at least 300 days a year, we also akin to film outside. Everyone knows home is where the heart is, so we do not ever hesitate to bring our creative work home - if need be. 


Where ever the script leads us -- we are About that FILM LIFE and we invite you to join us!

GANGPLANK, chandler, az

WALK THE PLANK -- Located in the heart of downtown across the street from City Hall and next door to Planet Subs, GANGPLANK is currently constructing a film capacity studio inside of their 2Sixty.com suite. 

Gangplank in itself is a COMMUNITY. Gangplank is a a collaborative WORKSPACE. Gangplank is a great place to do REEL business.  



Mother Nature is quite the artist in her serenity views and Chandler Parks have preserved her essence. 


The lighting is perfect, the set is natural and we love shooting the day. 


Arizona is ready for her close-up are you? 


"Whose house? - Run's House!"


While that is an appropriate Q&A when inquiring of a hip hop crowd, it would also be appropriate to say: "My house!" if you're an arts supporter or a film producer. 

Producers provide. They are responsible for securing locations and building community relationships. 


HANDS DOWN 411: Without a producer in the house - there is no house. 


Are you a producer?